Nitrile Exam Gloves



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Nitrile Exam Gloves

Medline has invested heavily in improving the technology of nitrile gloves to increase the softness while maintaining chemical resistance and preventing viral penetration. Our nitrile gloves are now more comfortable to wear and new manufacturing methods have made them more affordable. Boxes now hold twice the usual amount of Medline gloves, 200 gloves, for convenience, savings and waste reduction.

Latex Exam Gloves

Latex exam gloves are a great economical option for barrier protection for healthcare professionals. With great fit, feel, and comfort along with solid chemical resistence, they are still a favorite among many in the healthcare industry.

Surgical and Exam Gloves

Medline offers a wide range of medical gloves to fit all of our customers’ needs. We have developed several innovative solutions to resolve challenges that healthcare professionals face every day. Our portfolio includes a comprehensive range of surgical gloves, exam gloves and medical gloves accessories.

Surgical Gloves

Surgical gloves are essential not only for caregivers but also for patients to prevent any potential transmission of infection in operating theatres. We understand that surgeons and staff have specific preferences when it comes to surgical gloves. Medline offers the most comprehensive line of surgical gloves with a variety of former, colour, texture and thickness options.<br />Our product range varies from the innovative synthetic polyisoprene surgical gloves to latex surgical gloves and neoprene surgical gloves. Within our product portfolio, we also have a few niche items that make Medline the only one-stop shop for all surgical glove needs: Dermassure™ Green (surgical glove made without chemical accelerators), Sensicare® PI Evolution (a blended latex-free surgical glove) and Sensicare® Shield (the only latex-free and powder-free radiation protection glove (RPG) on the market).<br />Explore our extensive surgical glove product line and decide which glove fits your needs best.